Welcome to Fabrication Limited

We provide full service through measurement, fabrication and delivery. Also, offering consultant services to help with your upper limb needs; our individualized service can work one on one with you and your patient.

Fabrication Limited provides a wide range of upper limb manufacturing including:
  • Conventional Upper Limb
  • BE/AE/SD
  • Myo Electric
  • Strapping and Harnessing

We developed a specialized fitting system for conventional limbs.

Here at Fabrication Limited we have developed a unique system to take the guess work out of alignment with strap and forearm placement.

Our adjustable system allows you the benefit of a fast, easy fit for your patients triceps pad, forearm and wrist. The system uses a flexible hinge and strapping to achieve an optimal fit.

Our mission is to produce quality patient care in a timely and cost effective manner.